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How to get thicker brows

There is no getting away from it; Thick brows are in! Great, if you are naturally blessed with full, thick hairs but what if you aren’t?

We’ve compiled some handy tips to help you get your brows in tip-top condition which will in turn help them become fuller and thicker.

Even getting your brows laminated to give you the appearance of full brows, needs your brows to be in a healthy condition so how do you get thicker brows?

Tip 1 to thicker brows - Stop removing hairs

Our first tip is to step back from any brow hair removal! If you want thicker fuller brow hairs you will need to let them grow! Simple! Often we pluck away hairs that look out of shape, but which are in fact needed to form the new fuller shaped brows. Leave the fine wispy hairs that grow outside your current brow shape as these will help to fill out the brow shape as they grow.

Tip 2 to thicker brows - Condition the brow hairs to promote growth and stop breakage

A vital step to achieving full thick eyebrows is preventing breakage and promoting regrowth. Not only do we need to try to encourage new hairs to grow by conditioning the hair follicles, we also need to nourish and condition the hairs that you already have to help stop breakage. This can be done by applying a hydrating serum to the eyebrow area daily.

Tip 3 to thicker brows - Make sure you are getting enough of the right vitamins and minerals

A diet rich in Biotin can help you achieve fuller and thicker eyebrows (as well as healthier hair and nails too). As well as applying it topically via a serum, you can also eat foods that are rich in Biotin such as whole grains, meats, and nuts. Or alternatively you can take it in the form of a powder supplement or a multivitamin.

If you have experienced brow hair loss or are looking for additional ways to help your brows grow or appear thicker, head over and read ‘How to help your eyebrows grow back’ for more helpful advice.

Now you know how to get thicker eyebrows…it’s up to you!


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